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One Corner at a Time

Taking on your Interior to Create Healthy Harmony, One Corner at a Time!

You may have heard or read about this subject or related ones several times before. Sometimes the light just needs to be shone on the little details which can make a big difference. We just need to be reminded, in this hectic info overloaded era, of the simple yet important matters in life. Matters that influence our wellbeing and make outward waves to those around us.

Take the holistic approach and reflect on your inner being along with reviewing the interior surroundings. Grasp the importance of self-belief, stamina, a positive attitude, and self-control when considering good health and a healthy environment. These can be learned and trained. Set an optimistic intent for connections in your interior environment.

All the rooms or functional areas are important. Take a closer look. Sometimes we get so used to how things are. We don’t even take notice of an item any more. Or, we don’t realise that something bothers us anymore, at least consciously. Unconsciously, inharmonious spaces, like incomplete tasks, can rob us of our energy.

It can be less overwhelming if you start small and break it up into smaller spaces within a larger area. Perhaps you can create a relaxing reading or meditating corner, or a small space where you practice a hobby. Creating harmony one corner at a time.

Multitasking is not always a good thing. Taking small, individual steps will get you closer to your goals. You might need a moment of reflection first and figure out what you would like your interior space to look and feel like. Consider what atmosphere you would like. The same goes for life in general.

Lessen the messes. Once again, start small, take on one corner at a time. De-clutter the console table in the entrance, clear the kitchen island, organize your desk or a drawer. Dirty, disorderly or chaotic surroundings and visual clatter and clutter can result in irritability, agitation, sadness and helplessness. Feeling overwhelmed will have a significant effect on your mood. Small successes will motivate you to proceed with the next target area. Do it often. Free the interior space from needless things. Keep the essentials accessible and in its place. It will only make life easier.

Okay, it might not be you who need to read this. Perhaps when solutions are in a place like demarcated storage compartments for specific items, it will encourage those sharing the same spaces to keep it neat and tidy. This will help to minimise those “where is my…” moments! Also, let them read this!

Comfort is a strong point to consider. How can your interior support you with your tasks and lifestyle?  What will make your interior comfortable physically in terms of temperature, seating, movement, familiarity etc? Also, think of the touch sense – soft fabrics, cold & warm surfaces etc.

Mental and emotional comfort should also be considered. Even though you might not realise it consciously, there can be negative associations with items in interior spaces. These can provoke undesirable feelings which will drain you. Be aware to rather keep items associated with good memories and that makes you smile, in more obvious places. Get a positive and inspirational boost. Collect and beautifully arrange items from enjoyable outings with elevating people and which will remind you of great times.

Colour can impact us on a physical, mental, emotional and psychological level. Colour can influence one’s temperament and liveliness, and studies have revealed that it can alter body temperature and appetite.

Colours might also have different effects on different people. Be aware of the effect certain colours have on you and those sharing an interior environment. The atmosphere you are aiming for might also differ from room to room.

Remember the other senses like hearing and smell. White noise. A proper sound system (and good acoustics) to play quality music. A secluded, sound absorbing room for the television. A garden or roof plants that attract singing birds. A diffuser with essential oils or a scented candle – stimulating the smell sense can give a space a sense of calm luxury. These are aspects you can consider to include in your own home.

Fresh air is an obvious consideration. However, it’s important to know that indoor air can be polluted much more than outdoor air. It’s a no-brainer to open the windows every day and/or use an air purifier. However, plants are natural air purifiers which absorb toxins or off-gasses from products and re-oxygenate the air. Take a few deep breaths of that purified air every now and again! Plants can also stimulate our visual senses when well-kempt and grouped or decorated in appealing ways.

As human beings, we are put together to appreciate natural beauty. The inherent yearnings deep inside of us will incite a sense of calm when natural elements are included in interior spaces. These don’t have to be large or expensive. It can be something as small as a wooden bowl, or a plant, or even daylight.

Lighting is one of the most vital design elements. Natural (day)light is a very important factor to consider. It can reduce eyestrain, and affect wellbeing, mood, efficiency, morale and energy levels. It allows one’s body to sustain its natural circadian rhythms. This aid in a good night’s sleep ensuring a well-rested body and mind. Embrace and maximise the amount of available natural light and complement it with a diversity of other artificial light sources.

Lighting can help create the desired atmosphere and emphasise great features in an interior space. Bulbs that emit a soft warm glow contribute to an atmosphere of cosiness. In a workspace, a bright cool white bulb is a better choice. Dimmers are nice to have for adjusting brightness according to your needs.

Overall happiness can be associated with physical health, low-stress levels and peace of mind. The ideas and suggestions mentioned must have shone some light on matters not often considered. These can contribute to your own happiness as part of a holistic wellbeing experience. Wishing you a healthy, harmonious interior (one corner at a time ?)!

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