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Rustic Modern Country

Rustic modern country look - Ombre Design Studio

This design style can be referred to as Modern Country / Farmhouse / Rustic. In this case modern is meant to implicate current, contemporary, recent or up-to-date. Country   A rustic, countryside sophistication is typical of this look. Some furnishings are bought at flea markets and antique shops because of the primitive historical connection.   […]

Eclectic Living

Eclectic Mood Board - Living Room Inspiration

What is Eclectic Style?   This does not mean merely tossing together anything. The style depends on design in terms of colour, pattern, texture, form, arrangement, rhythm, etc. This is necessary to make a space look and feel like an integrated whole. A typical characteristic of Eclectic style is the assembly of fabrics. One can combine […]

Minimal Modern

Minimalist Modernism Modernism explored new ways in which people could live more simply. Ornamentation was rejected and the adoption of the machine aesthetic came to the forefront. The use of mechanically manufactured materials such as steel, glass and concrete prevailed. There was simplicity and clearness of forms with a visual stress on horizontal and vertical […]

Scandi Living


Scandi Style What is Scandinavian Style?   Scandinavian Country style was initiated in the 17th century. The look is that of a farmhouse and the main material used is light coloured wood. Scandinavian Modern began in the 1930s. This movement flourished in the mid 20th Century, in the Nordic countries of Sweden, Norway, Iceland, Finland and Denmark.  The basic principles of […]

Industrial Living

Living room with industrial inspiration

What is Industrial design style?   It is every so often seen in lofts or other reclaimed industrial spaces. Think high, bare ceilings, floor-to-ceiling windows, open spaces, exposed building materials like structural beam, brick, metal air ducts, and concrete or weathered wood floors. Since these spaces characteristically have plentiful texture in the building elements, a […]

Contemporary Living

Contemporary and current

Contempo Inspo What is a Contemporary Design Style? Think sleek, smooth, fresh lines and solid colours, mainly subdued neutrals or daring hits of colour in furniture and accessories. Furniture can be sleek, low to the floor and frequently has straight legs or metal frames stressing basic forms and shapes. Graphic elements in wall art and […]

African Bush Sunset

Bushveld sunset with a friendly fire

African, Bush, Sunset These photos were taken near Hazyview in the Lowveld, South Africa. African bushveld sunset sky Through silhouette twigs silver clouds fly by Always inspired by nature Line form colour texture Rhythmic social flames Are dancing bright and high Coral yellow rust ‘n blues Black ‘n grey, use the hues Make that space […]

Healthy, happy, greenery

As human beings we are put together to appreciate natural beauty. The inherent yearnings deep inside of us will incite a sense of calm when natural elements are included in interior spaces. These don’t have to be large or expensive but can be something as little as a small plant. Plants can stimulate our visual senses […]

Natural Neutrals

Naturally neutral

Not at all boring or bland Naturally neutral stone and sand Wheaten tan textured tints Raw reclaimed earthy elements Greyish grass and grounded leaves Pretty pods and pebbles to please Make a space soft and serene With this peaceful quiet colour scheme The photo on the left was taken while hiking on a mountain trail […]

One Corner at a Time

A Interior One Corner at a Time You may have heard or read about this subject or related ones several times before. Sometimes the light just needs to be shone on the little details which can make a big difference. We just need to be reminded, in this hectic info overloaded era, of the simple […]

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