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Beautiful and Uplifting Art

Boost your interior with art


How important is Beautiful and Uplifting Art?


The right art will definitely give your interior a boost. Also, your inner being will most definitely thank and reward you for it. Happy interiors aid inner health, wealth and wellbeing! Besides, who doesn’t need a boost sometimes? So, beautiful and uplifting motivational art can help to give you and your interior that boost. This goes for anything motivational, not only wall art, and it might sound obvious. Yet, we clearly have to keep ourselves motivated, constantly, in our society.

Our minds can easily drift off into less than ideal thoughts from which we don’t benefit. Meanwhile, it is important to surround ourselves with positive things. Therefore, we need reminders of our beauty, positivity, courage and strength.

May this motivational art inspire and encourage you to be the best you can be. Above all, it can energize you to be strong, positive, loving and kind. Moreover, it can help you to stay on track, keep pushing and motivate and inspire others.


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Interior Ideas and Inspiration on how to use Ombre Design Studio’s uplifting and beautiful motivational art designs


You can get the designs printed on products such as canvas, art prints, acrylic blocks, metal prints, tapestries, throw pillows, technology and office accessories, t-shirts and lots more. You can put it where it will inspire you and others. Moreover, a lovely print with meaning is a great gift to show someone their value and how you appreciate them. Besides, what can be a better gift than something lasting and inspiring to help your friend or family member.

There are countless options of how and where to apply motivational art such as this. To clarify, consider placing a design or a combination of them in your office or home office. In addition, they will work well in a classroom, gym, hospital, doctor’s rooms, psychologist’s office and studio.

Several people can benefit from motivational art whether they are a housewife, househusband, business person, teacher, student, parent or patient. But, these are only a few examples. It’s a nice-to-have for just about anyone who needs it! One suggestion is to get a bunch of designs printed in different sizes and then group them together.


Motivational art prints for teachers and students

Prints of motivational sayings in a classroom.


Stay Motivated – Uplifting Art to Inspire you and others plus give your day that Boost


Get up stronger:

If you don’t get knocked down sometimes then you must not be human. When you’ve fallen down, get up, and be stronger next time. You’ve got this.


Get up stronger framed art print

Get up, stronger – framed art print


You are worthy, weird and wonderful: 

Worthy of love, success, good things, happiness, respect, etc.

Weird, meaning mysterious, mystifying, unusual. In a good way. Why does it always have such a negative connotation?! If you’ve been called ‘weird’ it might be that those people are jealous of or don’t understand your uniqueness and guts to be different and do interesting, never-tried-before things. There’s nothing wrong with being mysterious and a nonconformist?! So, the next time someone says you’re weird, say ‘thanks’! 😉

Wonderful, meaning inspiring delight, pleasure or admiration; extremely good; marvellous.


Motivational sticker

Motivational sticker


Laughing, loving, living:

Laughing and loving can be the most simple things that make life worthwhile. May this be a reminder to keep striving toward living life to the fullest. A reminder to laugh and love even when you’re not in the mood to. Live and let live.


Laughing, loving, living tapestry

Laughing, loving, living tapestry


Outdo yester-you:

Do something today that your future self will thank you for. Compare yourself with yourself only. Improve, grow, strive toward being the best You that you can be. No matter the pace, forward is forward.

Outdo yester you- poster

Outdo yester you – poster


Printable Motivational Wall Art Teal Green Blue Red Turquoise White

Teal, blue, green, mint, turquoise, red and white prints grouped together in a room.


Keep uplifting art in plain sight to help you stay inspired, motivated, encouraged and empowered!


Be who you are:

Be yourself. Just be who you are. Don’t fake it. Nothing wrong with having role models and improving yourself. But, you are unique and have something special to offer. Embrace it! Express your individuality. Everyone else is taken. Be your best You!


Be who you are tote bag

Be who you are tote bag


Printable Motivational Wall Art Black White Grey

Motivational wall art in a light grey psychologist’s office while busy helping a patient.


Believe you are able:

Believe you are able to reach your goals, to do that yoga pose, to finish that course, to start that business, to get in shape, to conquer your fears and overcome any challenges. Doubt can creep in and we all need some motivation and a nudge in the right direction at times! Believe in your abilities and believe you can do it!


Motivational Art Board Print

Believe you are able Art Board Print


Shine. Sparkle. Be that light. Make a difference.


Glow - acrylic block

Glow – acrylic block


How to benefit from Uplifting Art – Let it Inspire and Motivate you


Say no to feeling low:

When one feels down, or low, it’s not necessarily a simple ‘snap out of it’ that will make one feel better. Yet, there are things we can try, such as watching our thoughts and finding every bit of positive aspect we can be grateful for.

Other possible solutions include laughing, even if it’s about something silly. Watch a sappy movie and cry if that’s what you need. In addition, cuddle or play with your pet or child or talk to someone you love and trust. Likewise, catch a bit of natural light and fresh air and look at a plant and touch a leaf. Also consider taking a walk, listening to music and dancing.

Moreover, you can feel better by doing a few physical exercises like yoga. Other methods you can try are writing, self-reflecting, meditating and listening to nature sounds. Through reaching out and help someone else you may also feel chirpy again. Try fueling up with healthy and nutritious food and drinks.  Also, taking a nap might be just what you needed.

I’m sure there’s a lot of other stuff to try. Don’t worry, be happy. You’re not alone and remember, you’re only human. Cheer up! Get this motivational art as a reminder of all the things we can do to lift our mood! Or, maybe it can help you (or someone else) to actually just snap out of it and feel more positive by just looking at it!

Say no to feeling low Motivating art Poster

Say no to feeling low Poster


 Give Yourself and your Interior that Beautiful Boost with More Uplifting Art


Taking on the world, one task at a time:

Say no to multitasking. Focusing on one task at a time may help to complete it properly and perhaps faster as well. When having a lot to do it can be less confusing, daunting and tiring if you take on one thing. Also, it may reduce tension or alleviate panic when you finish one thing at a time. In addition, it can give you the strength to take on your world with more enthusiasm.


Taking on the world, one task at a time - notebook and hardcover journal

Taking on the world, one task at a time – notebook and hardcover journal


If not, why not?

Don’t overthink it or wait too long. If you want to stay safe and not try something new, why not? On the other hand, if you want it, why, what’s your ‘why’? Make it big, make it count, make it happen. Besides, what’s holding you back?

Let this encourage you to try new things, explore, believe in yourself, get up and exercise, do a little dance, call that someone, take a risk, paint that wall, start that business, go on a trip, make that painting, tone that body, rise early…or whatever you need to do. Why not? 😉


Why not - Laptop an iPad skin

Why not – Laptop an iPad skins


Waterpaint graphic motivational wall art in an office canteen.

Waterpaint graphic motivational wall art in an office or studio canteen.


Moving along swiftly:

No, it is definitely not always easy. But at least we can try. Get over it and don’t give up. Keep moving and keep on keeping on. Meanwhile, may this help you with a mindset of not dwelling in the past, yet focusing on the now, on continuous movement and growth.


Wall Art in gold, tan, blue, white and grey coastal interior scheme.

Gold, tan, blue, white and grey coastal interior scheme.


Moving along swiftly motivational metal print

Moving along swiftly – metal print


Motivational Art is handy for that Boost when you need it!


I graze on gratitude:

It helps to keep focusing on what we should be grateful for. Appreciate what you have. To wit, count your blessings in order to stay motivated and inspired.


Graze on gratitude - mini art print

Graze on gratitude – mini art print


Printable Motivational Graphic Wall Art Black White Tan Teal

White, tan and teal mint green bedroom with natural items and watercolour wall art.


Give your day and your friend that Boost – Stay Motivated with Inspiring, Uplifting Art


Alive and kicking (ass):

Alive and kicking, meaning prevalent and very active. Kicking ass (kicking arse), meaning to take forceful or harsh measures to achieve an objective. Hopefully in a good way! 🙂 So, feel empowered with motivation such as this!


Motivation to keep you going when the going gets tough

Strong man doing cross-fit tire lifting in the gym


Alive and kicking ass - photographic print

Alive and kicking ass – photographic print


You’ve got moxy!

Nope, not a drug or drink. Definition/synonyms for Moxy/Moxie: backbone, braveness, bravery, confidence, courage, dauntlessness, determination, fearlessness, a force of character, fortitude, gameness, grit, guts, spirit, spunk, valour… You’ve got it!


Wall art adding a touch of colour in an otherwise neutral setting

Wall art adding a touch of colour in an otherwise neutral setting


You've got moxy - scatter cushion

You’ve got moxy – throw pillow


Don’t be sad, be glad:

Cheer up. There are lots that can delight us. Find it and embrace joyful moments however large or small. Give them more power. Let’s try focusing on what is going right in our lives and be glad about it. May this art brighten up your interior space, your friends’ and your day. Be positive, happy, motivated; be glad and don’t worry but have a little faith.


Black, white, grey, brass, bronze and greenery interior design living room

A black, white, grey, brassy bronze and greenery living room.


Don't be sad, be glad inspirational coffee mugs

Don’t be sad, be glad – coffee mugs


More Uplifting Art to Inspire and Motivate you and give You and your Interior that Beautiful Boost


Decorating is child's play with black, white, yellow and gold, shapes, and texture.

A black, white, yellow and gold kid’s room.


I’m just here, minding my own journey:

Although it can be difficult at times, we know we should rather focus on our own journey than comparing ourselves with others. Therefore, let this be that positive reminder to put you back on track when you need it.

Minding my own journey - acrylic box - inspirational office accessories

Minding my own journey – acrylic box


Take the road less travelled by:

Inspired by the poem ‘The road not taken‘. Although the poem may be ironic and have many interpretations, take this message with you: the status quo, doing what our peers do, trying to fit in, the safe and certain way, might be comfortable and seem right. However, being different, doing the unusual, exploring other avenues, the unconventional, being nonconforming, following the road less travelled, might be more rewarding in the long run. At first, you may experience regret and uncertainty, but who knows, perhaps at the end of that unusual road, you will reap amazing rewards. Besides, whatever the outcome, your inner growth will be priceless.


Take the road less traveled by - travel mug

Take the road less travelled by – travel mug


White and tan bedroom with pink, purple mauve accents and natural furniture, as well as watercolor wall art.

White and tan bedroom with purple-mauve accents and natural furniture.

Actions speak louder:

Actions speak louder than words. Don’t only talk the talk. Walk the walk. Plant indigenous trees. Save water. Reduce, reuse, recycle. Live healthily now. Be a good friend. Rise early. Work hard. So, may this help you remember your dreams and goals and motivate you to keep working towards it.


Black, white and a touch of gold interior decorating including motivational art print.

Black, white and a touch of gold interior decorating including motivational art print.


Actions speak louder - zipper pouch

Actions speak louder – zipper pouch


Mustard yellow, gold, ultraviolet cosy interior corner

Mustard yellow, gold and indigo cosy interior corner.

Keep uplifting art close by to help you stay encouraged, motivated, empowered and inspired!


Now is a good time:

Right about now is a good time. It is a good time to start, to finish, to continue, to focus. That is, no dwelling in the past, no procrastinating, no fretting about the future. Hence, only focusing on the now.

Now is a good time - coral blush and white art

Now is a good time wall clock.


Colourful motivational art in warm and cosy yoga studio - woman doing elbow stand yoga pose.

Colourful motivational art in a warm and cosy yoga studio.


Perfectly imperfect, Wabi-Sabi:

Inspired by traditional Japanese aesthetics; it’s a world view centred on embracing the temporary and imperfection. Accept imperfection; realize the beauty of it. Traits of the wabi-sabi aesthetic include asymmetry, rawness, simplicity, economy, sensibility, modesty and passion. Also, it shows admiration of the imaginative virtue of natural items and styles. You’re perfect just as you are.


Perfectly imperfect, wabi-sabi art interior decorating

Wabi-sabi style interior design.


Wabi-Sabi - perfectly imperfect - canvas print

Wabi-Sabi canvas print

I can do all things:

You know the rest. Believe you can do all the (good) things you put your mind to. What do you want to achieve? Where does your strength come from? What is your motivation behind your goals? Why do you want to do or achieve it? We all can only benefit from having a can-do attitude.


I can do all things - coasters

I can do all things – coasters


Black, brown, tan, grey, taupe, stone and gold interior decorating with geometric shapes and motivational art.

Black, brown, tan, grey, taupe, stone and gold interior decorating.


So, there you have it. Keep art such as this in plain sight to help you stay motivated, inspired, empowered and encouraged! If not, why not?!


Grey work space with teal wall art accent.

Grey concrete workspace with teal wall art accent.



White and gold decor and motivational art

White and gold decor.


I truly hope this inspires you!




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