Naturally Neutral colors in interior design

Natural Neutrals

Not at all boring or bland. Naturally neutral stone and sand.

Taking on your interior environment one corner at a time

One Corner at a Time

Taking on your Interior to Create Healthy Harmony, One Corner at a Time! You may have heard or read about this subject or related ones several times before. Sometimes the light just needs to be shone on the little details which can make a big difference. We just need to be reminded, in this hectic […]

Snug Cosy Color Palette Purple Pink Green Yellow

Colour Inspiration

Green, Ocre, Rust, Pink and Violet Colour Palette. Interior Decorating Inspiration.

Mirror Makeover diy interior decorating

Mirror Makeover

White Wash Rose Gold / Copper Mirror Frame Painting Demonstration in 6 Easy Steps! From Rusty Rustic to Shabby Chic Glam What you need: Water-based crafters metallic paint in Autumn or a similar colour Paintbrushes A space to get messy Good company Gilded flakes/foil flakes/copper leaf 1. Paint a coat of metallic paint and let […]

Interior Decorating with Black and White

Black & White

Get the black and white look new again   Beige gold champagne or ale, restful soothing quiet pale. Achromatic white and black, Opposites do attract. Dark to light, absorb reflect, in life choose that with better effect. Hold it in or scatter about, starry night or snowy out. Malleable like gold are us, strong but […]

Health and inner wealth interior health design

Health & Inner Wealth

Delving even deeper into interior design and wellbeing, from a healthcare perspective It is indicated through research that the surroundings of healthcare facilities can affect medical outcomes. A well-made setting backs healing progression. Elements of design such as natural light, clever colour choices, relaxing music and sights of nature contribute to a more comforting milieu which […]

Color Palette and Life Inspiration Blue Coral Brown Grey

New leaf New life

Indigo and Light Blue, Brown, Grey, Coral Pink and Orange.

What is your inner wealth worth

What’s it worth?

Wellbeing is not only another word for physical health, but it’s also about finding an equilibrium in body, mind and spirit. In this balanced state, we experience the sense of serenity, connection, liveliness, resilience and security.

Color Combo Teal Grey Indigo Lime Blue

Black, White, Grey Area

The Black, the White and the Grey in between. What is right or wrong regarding colour combinations?

Importance of Interior Design

The Significance of ID

My viewpoint of design in interior environments is that there should always be a holistic approach with the intention of ensuring people’s wellbeing and fulfilment. The goal should be properly functioning of areas for their specific purposes achieved by, among others, minimising frustration. With this philosophy in mind, I also acknowledge every person as an individual and aim towards creating interior spaces that will make one fit in yet stand out among the crowd – everyone is unique and have their own requirements and style.