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Calm Tan Beige color combination

Soothing Calm Colour Inspiration

ODS is lovingly offering inspiration for you with this Soothingly Calm Colour Combo If you were in search of timeless, soothing, calm colour inspiration, search no more. You have found a peaceful, natural colour scheme that provides endless options.  Some might say it’s pale and boring, but show them what is possible.  Naturally neutral never […]

Gold, Silver, White, Bright Festive Light

Gold Silver White Bright

  If you’re thinking gold, silver, white, bright and festive vibes, you are at the right place. Perhaps you’ve been too busy at work and sorting out your own and everybody else’s lives that you didn’t realize how close it is to Christmas. Therefore you need some quick, last-minute inspiration. That’s where a classic white, […]

Decorate with Pink - live color fully

Decorate with Pink

There are a lot of different pinks you can choose from, depending on what you want to achieve. How many different versions of pink are there? A lot! Below are seventeen different pinks with short descriptions on how they can be applied in interior spaces.

Knowing Color Properties and Harmonies of Colour

Understanding Colour

Know and understand how colour works. Learn more about the properties and harmonies of colour. + COLOUR PALETTES!

Industrial Interior Design Style

Industrial Interior

What is Industrial Interior Design Style? Think high, bare ceilings, floor-to-ceiling windows, open spaces, exposed building materials like a structural beam, brick, metal air ducts, and concrete or weathered wood floors. Since these spaces characteristically have plentiful texture in the building elements, a neutral colour palette is normally used.

African Bush Sunset

African Bush Sunset

Make that space a pleasant pasture. Relax, kick off those tired shoes!

Naturally Neutral colors in interior design

Natural Neutrals

Not at all boring or bland. Naturally neutral stone and sand.

Snug Cosy Color Palette Purple Pink Green Yellow

Colour Inspiration

Green, Ocre, Rust, Pink and Violet Colour Palette. Interior Decorating Inspiration.

Interior Decorating with Black and White

Black & White

Get the black and white look new again   Beige gold champagne or ale, restful soothing quiet pale. Achromatic white and black, Opposites do attract. Dark to light, absorb reflect, in life choose that with better effect. Hold it in or scatter about, starry night or snowy out. Malleable like gold are us, strong but […]

Color Palette and Life Inspiration Blue Coral Brown Grey

New leaf New life

Indigo and Light Blue, Brown, Grey, Coral Pink and Orange.