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Dividing and Defining Living Spaces

Divide and Define Space

However large or small the spaces are you want to transform or create, you may have several questions. Perhaps you want to learn how to divide and define living space. You may wonder how to open up space without having large, undefined living areas. Whatever your budget, there are temporary and longer-term interior design and decorating solutions. Here are some inspirational tips to guide you in your quest for creating interesting spaces. If you want to purposefully divide and define space, it will take some practical thinking and planning…

Space Planning and Light in Interior Design

Space Planning and Light

The direction of light affects space planning and the placement of art, furniture and other objects. For example, direct, late afternoon sunlight glaring on the television or computer screen is not ideal. However, this type of light can also be beneficial in creating dramatic shadow effects. Artificial light can neutralise this sort of light if the shadows impose on your tasks. Light unlocks the awareness and perception of space. A lighter space just seems more open and expansive. Light is a very powerful tool. To clarify, we can totally transform the feeling of a space by changing the colour, intensity and placement of light. We tend to think of lighting in terms of artificial light. However, it is important to optimally utilise natural light. Above all, we need to exploit it in terms of practical use and to acknowledge the beauty of a space.

Interior Space Planning Savvy

Savvy Space Planning

There are even more clever space-saving hacks and space optimisation solutions you can try. Learn how to be more space-savvy.

Space planning is to strategize how you will optimally utilise an area and its available space. This entails the distribution, separations, arrangement, and organisation of objects to accommodate certain requirements. Consider the occupancy, functional and spatial purposes.

Savvy small space interior design

Small Space Interior Design

Space encompasses all elements into one entity. Greater space is considered a luxury, you are lucky to have it, but I tell you, you are not unlucky if you don’t.

Decorate with Pink - live color fully

Decorate with Pink

There are a lot of different pinks you can choose from, depending on what you want to achieve. How many different versions of pink are there? A lot! Below are seventeen different pinks with short descriptions on how they can be applied in interior spaces.