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Calm Tan Beige color combination

Soothing Calm Colour Inspiration

ODS is lovingly offering inspiration for you with this Soothingly Calm Colour Combo If you were in search of timeless, soothing, calm colour inspiration, search no more. You have found a peaceful, natural colour scheme that provides endless options.  Some might say it’s pale and boring, but show them what is possible.  Naturally neutral never […]

Modern Rustic Country Interior Design Style

Rustic Country

How to get a modern rustic country look. A rustic, countryside sophistication is typical of this look. Some furnishings are bought at flea markets and antique shops because of the primitive historical connection. To attain an up-to-date, rustic interior you can blend elements of Contemporary design with Rustic design to sidestep a log cabin looking home.

Eclectic Interior Design Decorating

Eclectic Living

Eclectic interior design does not mean merely tossing together anything. The style depends on design in terms of colour, pattern, texture, form, arrangement, rhythm, etc. This is necessary to make a space look and feel like an integrated whole. A typical characteristic of Eclectic style is the assembly of fabrics. One can combine solids, patterned, textured or all of them, but it has to make sense.

Minimal Modern Interior Design

Minimal Modern

How to get a Minimalist Look in a Modern way. Modernism explored new ways in which people could live more simply. Ornamentation was rejected and the adoption of the machine aesthetic came to the forefront. There was a return to Minimalism in the 1980s, towards the end of Postmodernism. The essential quality of buildings was revealed by simplified living spaces through minimalist architecture. This was vastly stirred up by Japanese traditional design and the notion of Zen thinking.

Scandinavian Interior Design Style

Scandi Living

Scandinavian interior design style can be identified by certain aspects. Toned ivory, taupe, sage, cool grey or blue and (preferably pale) wood are often incorporated with white walls. This is complemented by rich textures and natural finishes to add depth and definition. Window treatments are usually limited, and abundant natural light is invited. Minimalism has continued into the 21st century. It is seen in Scandinavian design where lines are clean and simple. Quality materials and workmanship speak for themselves.

Industrial Interior Design Style

Industrial Interior

What is Industrial Interior Design Style? Think high, bare ceilings, floor-to-ceiling windows, open spaces, exposed building materials like a structural beam, brick, metal air ducts, and concrete or weathered wood floors. Since these spaces characteristically have plentiful texture in the building elements, a neutral colour palette is normally used.

Contemporary Interior Design Style

Contemp Living

What is a Contemporary Interior Design Style? Think sleek, smooth, fresh lines and solid colours, mainly subdued neutrals or daring hits of colour in furniture and accessories. Furniture can be sleek, low to the floor and frequently has straight legs or metal frames stressing basic forms and shapes. Graphic elements in wall art and other decor or as accents work great with this look.