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Interior Storage Solutions

Interior Storage Solutions

  How to get savvier about interior storage solutions for a beautiful yet functional living space   ‘A place for everything and everything in its place.’  This classic saying is worth recalling when organising an interior. Also, it is especially useful for an interior with limited space. Get savvier about interior storage solutions. Before deciding […]


Storage in your Interior

A lovely decor without proper storage solutions will not work in the long run. If there isn’t sufficient storage space, the beauty of the room will be spoiled. The culprits will be all sorts of items not having their own hiding place. Firstly, when approaching the question of storage, analyse existing storage space to determine how you can make it more efficient. Most times the case may be that you have a limited budget and little space. Purchasing costly storage units is not necessarily your answer. To clarify, perhaps your storage needs can be met and accommodated with your existing furniture. Your first step should be a thorough inspection of your cupboards and any existing storage pieces.

Dividing and Defining Living Spaces

Divide and Define Space

However large or small the spaces are you want to transform or create, you may have several questions. Perhaps you want to learn how to divide and define living space. You may wonder how to open up space without having large, undefined living areas. Whatever your budget, there are temporary and longer-term interior design and decorating solutions. Here are some inspirational tips to guide you in your quest for creating interesting spaces. If you want to purposefully divide and define space, it will take some practical thinking and planning…

Savvy Small Spaces - creating a sense of spaciousness

A Sense of Spaciousness

You can create an illusion of spaciousness. While attaining unity of scale and by deciding to purposely under scale or overscale a room’s furnishings, this is possible. Expressly, under scaling allows for more stuff to be contained within a scheme. Equally, over-scaling can generate a feeling of expansiveness and make a living space seem greater.


Decorate on a Budget

Interior Decorating on a tight budget? How can you get solutions to those problems? By asking the right questions. The ones at the top are a good start, so kudos to you for starting to ask questions – this means you are looking for solutions, and you will find it! Costly mistakes can be avoided with proper planning because it prevents poor performance, right?