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Get the black and white look new again

Sparkling marbles, sequins and gold leaf


Beige gold champagne or ale, restful soothing quiet pale. Achromatic white and black, Opposites do attract. Dark to light, absorb reflect, in life choose that with better effect.

Hold it in or scatter about, starry night or snowy out. Malleable like gold are us, strong but supple and soft to squash. Sparkling bubbly blinging bright, just making us feel all right.

May this scheme add bold yet serene sparkle to your life!

How to decorate with black and white

and gold!


Ever wondered how to get the black and white look new again?

If you are tired and bored of black and white, then spice it up with some golden metals or metallic graphic art. If you are indecisive about what to do with your space, or you want something fuss-free yet not dull, this might just be the colour scheme for you.

What do you say? Do you want to add some sassy sparkle to your space?

Something as classic and simple as black and white doesn’t have to be boring at all. This look can be stunningly beautiful, especially when jazzed up with a little glitz and gold. With clever interior decorating black, white and gold can work in many places. You just have to think it through and keep in mind what you want to achieve. You can create a more dramatic look with lots of blacks and heavier gold, or you can create a fresher look using more white and lighter weighted golds.

With a black and white look, you can swap things around often when you get bored. You can keep it interesting and emphasize different aspects of your space. You can make it warmer and cosier in winter with deeper, heavier golds and perhaps more black. Likewise, you can freshen up a room in spring and summer by adding more white and lighter versions of gold, and hide away some blacks.

This palette will even help you save, because can buy something small or less expensive once in a while and know it will just fit in smoothly with your scheme. You only have to stick to your broad palette framework of black, white and gold. A lot of patterns and textures can be mixed in this scheme, and it won’t necessarily look busy or confusing.

In a workspace like a home office white, black and gold can be your perfect interior design choice. I do recommend using more white and less black here, for the study or home office is usually in a place away from direct sunlight and therefore more shaded, and you would want to exploit as much natural light as possible. Also, more daylight and less artificial light are just easier on the eyes, and we stare so much at screens these days!

Black, white, grey, gray, couch, interior decor, decorating, cushions, throw, geometric pattern

A modern grey and black living room can look more lively and fresh with white and a touch of gold which is an easy-to-live-with look to be gracefully altered time and again.

Interior Design - living room - black, white, gold

Gold can range from warmer, brighter orange or yellow tones to less yellow, saturated gold to toned down tan versions of gold. White gold is so hot right now, and with good reason – it can be applied in many stunningly beautiful ways.

Interior Decorating with warm gold, white, black

You can mix old and new, for example, through using those special bohemian items from your travels. Yeay, those pretty little sentimental pieces which never used to fit in anywhere, can now be embraced!


Even the smallest detail and decor in black and white can add a lot of interest. To decorate with black and white with a touch of white gold can be easy, simple and look sophisticated.

Photo Wall - black, white, gold

Gold can be a very light and simple addition to your scheme and only be found in photos or a wall colour. A pale beige or white gold painted wall as background can make a big impact when highlighting pictures. Gold colour doesn’t necessarily have to be in metals or metallic accessories.

Tan-gold, white, black open plan apartment - modern, contemporary, simple, stylish interior design and decor

Tan tones, also being versions of gold, are usually found in wood and the warmth of wood can break a clean and clinical look to make a room cosier.

comfort-contemporary-interior design - white, black, grey, natural, tan, gold, wood

Wood can depict a sense of warmth, as with gold and wood usually naturally has warm, welcoming golden tones.

apartment-architecture-cabinets-black, white, gold wood - interior design, decor, decorating, kitchen

A living space can be even warmer and cosier, yet more dramatic, with less white and more banging black.

Warm gold, tan, wood, black interior design, decorating, living room

Warm lighting and a golden glow also have a great effect on how warm and cosy a space is experienced which is especially comforting in winter or in a restaurant while having fun with friends.

Gold, black, cozy, warm lighting - interior space, design, decor, decorating

It’s amazing how great an impact such an uncomplicated colour scheme can have when smartly applied. To design and decorate with white and black can be effortless, simple and look classy and sophisticated at the same time. You can create cosy, warm, comfortable and stylish spaces with no trouble. Remember to account the tones found in wood and metals as colours in its own. It is advisable to incorporate them in your scheme and not merely see them as extras or an afterthought.

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