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Colour Inspiration

Indigo and Light Blue, Brown, Grey, Coral Pink and Orange.

Nature talks - inspired by a sausage tree

The photos were taken during the end of winter 2018 in South Africa.

The tree is a sausage tree (indigenous to South Africa).

The fruit of the sausage tree resembles a huge sausage. It is eaten by some species of mammals, including

giraffes, bush pigs, baboons, monkeys , elephants, hippos, and porcupines.

A vegetarian sausage 🙂

It might have seemed as if nothing were going to happen, that it didn’t make it.

It might not necessarily be light, bright green.

It might not necessarily be how or when or where or what it was expected to be.

Sometimes all that was needed was just a little bit more patience and faith. The light had to shine from a different angle, at a different time, to give a different perspective, to show it was already there, to show its remarkability.

Perhaps it is not visible yet, but change and growth and a new leaf are already present. And it might appear to be different than the rest. But no matter how odd or quick or slow, forward is forward.

Like many a motivational speaker have used before, the example of the Chinese bamboo tree comes to mind. During the first four years there might be no visible signs of growth above the ground, but during the fifth year it grows really tall in only six weeks. This couldn’t have happened if nothing was going on down beneath.

May this inspire you to find a new leaf, or realise one already present. And if you do apply this colour palette, may it bring refreshing change wherever you use it.

Items that might work wonderfully well within this scheme:




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