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What is a Contemporary Design Style?

Contemporary Design is based on current trends, the here and now, also, some see it as 21st-century design. It is a style that’s influenced by all previous styles and can be versatile. Although profoundly influenced by modern style, some people may refer to a style as modern when they actually mean contemporary.

According to Wikipedia Contemporary is the historical period immediately relevant to the present having a certain perspective of modern history. Contemporary design is more unsolidified enduring a bit more rule-breaking. Modern denotes a definite design drive or movement that ascended int the early 20th century and trails firmer guidelines.

Read more about Modernism here.

How to Get a Contemporary Look

Think sleek, smooth, fresh lines and solid colours, mainly subdued neutrals or daring hits of colour in furniture and accessories. Furniture can be sleek, low to the floor and frequently has straight legs or metal frames stressing basic forms and shapes. Graphic elements in wall art and other decor or as accents work great with this look.

Contemporary and current

Inspiration Board:

This living room is balanced, lively and yet stylish. The black lines give a stable framework and foundation for this happy scheme. White and muted taupe-grey and blue-grey keeps it fresh and grounded. The touch of mustard gold is totally unexpected with the bright living coral orange (Pantone colour of the year 2019), but here it adds interest, earthiness, sophistication and maturity. It goes well with the blue-grey.

The splashes (take note splashes only; used in moderation) of coral orange is vibrant and will keep you awake even during a dull, boring conversation!  I feel like I’m on a caffeine high just staring at it 🙂 and I love it!

Placement of furniture and accessories is important to ensure that a space will not be confusing or too busy. A bold item can pop against a muted background, just like more subdued colours and shapes or simple lines can be embraced and enhanced against a bright, lively background.

The addition of decorating items and accessories and the amounts of accent colours should be adjusted according to the size, shape and building style a living space allows.

Don’t be afraid to use bold or bright colours, just remember the amount and application is key.

I truly hope this inspired you

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