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DECORATE WITH PINK – 17 Pinks for Interiors

Pink Poetry Colour Palette

Pink Colour Scheme

Hot, magenta, fuchsia, French, strawberry punch a thirst to quench. Make space for dull and dusty tones; splendid roses in our homes.

Bursting orange orchestra, warm, vibrant pungent ‘n plush. Swimming upstream is the formula, peachy blush or coral crush.

Soft pastels pink and pale, thulian, mauve or lavenders. Flamingo flamenco feather ballet, purple picturesque pastures.

Use together in a subtle flow or add a pop to stand alone. Glitzy gold and crystal quartz, portrayal thereof is a form of arts.


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Ideas and suggestions for how you can use Pink to decorate your interior

As red softens towards pink, it appears to be more friendly, tranquil and feminine. However, this does not have to give a sense of everything being too girly. One can create a serene space with softer, toned pinks paired together or combined with other colours. Or, one can use brighter, more energetic pinks as emphases in more lively interiors.

There are a lot of different pinks you can choose from, depending on what you want to achieve. How many different versions of pink are there? A lot! Below are seventeen different pinks with short descriptions on how they can be applied in interior spaces.

Want a few tips on how to decorate with pink? Read on.


Tan Pink

Tan is a good choice to use as a neutral or backdrop, for instance, you can paint a large wall or several walls in a room tan pink. Undertones of this toned pink can be found in furniture and even brick. It will even work in a completely neutral palette which needs a warm touch.

The colour can be used in a formal, more serious space and also in a more casual space. I’d say it is a manlier pink and a bachelor or metro man can easily live with this pink incorporated into an interior. It is also a good choice for an androgynous nursery and industrial as well as rustic design styles.


Dusty Rose Pink

Dusty rose is modern, mature, soft and sophisticated yet not too feminine. Modern and contemporary interior design styles will welcome this pink. It can work well in a guest bedroom, boutique hotel bedroom or formal lounge. I suggest not using it in the same values all over the place, as it can get monotonous. It can be alternated with white, off-white, or other colours and paired with black or charcoal for a more dramatic, sexy effect.


Rose Pink

There are lots of different roses and lots of variations of rose pink. This rose pink in particular is subtle, serene, slightly feminine and can be a good fit for adults as well as children (especially girls). Paired with darker and more toned variations or lighter tints towards white. Accented walls, textured and/or patterned wallpaper, soft and fluffy soft furnishings, bedding, wall art against a dark, perhaps midnight blue wall. A lot can be done.


Rose Quartz Pink

This one is close to the previously mentioned rose, nonetheless even more subtle and serene. A light rosy pink contrasts well with dark colours such as grey-blue and greyish indigo. Rose quartz is also beautifully combined with neutral grey (light, dark or medium), and black and white. This pink is works well in bedrooms, living rooms, bathrooms, dining rooms and entrances whether applied at home, in healthcare or commercially.


Rose Gold Pink

Although rose gold has recently been a hot trend, it is beautiful, practical and still going strong. There are continually lovely items available in this metal colour and it’s a great alternative to gold and chrome if you need some change.

This metal finish might just become a true classic and can be applied as an accent or neutral background in any room. Rose gold works well in various colour combinations, especially with other pinks, grey, white, charcoal and black.


Salmon Pink

Salmon pink might be more easily accepted when used in kitchens and restaurants. Nevertheless, this colour can be used as an accent in another area as well. I think it can go well with blush pink and used in other combos in a living room. Salmon can also be a beautiful choice as part of a scheme on a patio. It is a soft colour, but when used in large amounts may become monotonous and tiresome.


Peachy Pink

Peach pink will work well in a kitchen or an outdoor patio along with application in other areas. This is a fun, lively, warm and inviting colour. Accentuate an architectural feature or tiled splash back or have one accent chair in this colour. Put a bunch of roses on a console table in your entrance, or a bowl of peaches on the dining table to make guests feel welcome.  Like salmon, when used in large amounts, peach may become repetitious and wearisome.


Blush Pink

How to decorate with blush pink? Blush is a good choice used as a backdrop – on walls and in soft furnishings particularly. I like fluffy cushions and throws, also decorative accessories like small vases, in this colour. This pink is not overly feminine and is calm yet warm. It is especially suitable for living rooms and bedrooms in traditional and current styles. A lovely contemporary colour combination is blush, pale gold, grey and white.

Wow! So many Pink options for Interior Decorating.

But wait, there’s more!


Coral Pink

Coral varies between pinker and more orange versions and this colour is energetic, playful and vibrant. This pink is best used as an accent colour repeated in small amounts to emphasise funky pieces and interesting features.

When used correctly it will surely make a statement, particularly in a contemporary setting. It can be combined with other orange and pink tones, or it can be paired with cooler contrasting colours for a calmer effect. All rooms can be considered, although it might be a bit too bouncing for a bedroom where one wants to switch off and relax. Many a teenager may disagree.


Strawberry Punch Pink

This close-to-red pink is pretty bold, rich and uplifting and would look good applied in a cocktail or juice bar. It can also work well in a kitchen and in patio décor. Even though it is quite a strong colour for a bedroom, some girls might like to have it in their rooms. Likewise, you can consider using it to add a bold punch in your entrance and less formal living room. It is suitable for use in various design styles such as contemporary, eclectic and bohemian.





Flamingo Pink

Flamingo Pink

Flamingo pink can seem very girly and overwhelming for some. It can, however, be very livable when applied correctly. Paired with teal or sky blue, white and pale gold, this pink can look quite impressive. It can work fine in guest toilets, hair & nail salons, and cake or coffee shops. Flamingo prints on wall art, cushion covers, etc. and other flamingo designed decorative items are current and widely available.

French Rose Pink

French Rose Pink

French rose is very feminine, although, like flamingo pink when one applies it correctly, can make a statement which even a manly man will appreciate. It can be used elegantly at a spa or a hotel high tea and will also work well at hair & nail salons and cake & coffee shops like flamingo pink. This pink is suitable in vintage, shabby chic, traditional and Victorian interior design styles.

Hot Pink

Hot Pink

Hot pink is very powerful, so use it sparingly, preferably as an accent colour or surprise element. When used in greater volumes, it might be more endurable when applied commercially. The total scheme should be considered carefully for this is a very energetic, busy colour. It can be rather fun, however, when applied incorrectly, it can come across as being kitsch.

Thulian Pink

Thulian Pink



This slightly cooler, calmer, modern pink can look very stylish. It is a strong, sexy colour, therefore, handle it as such. It can work in any room, but especially in a bedroom or living room or even a study and will even be an appropriate choice for healthcare, hospitality and commercial use, all depending on the correct application. Thulian pink works well in contemporary design styles.


Fuchsia Pink

This pink works in bohemian and eclectic design styles.  As with hot pink, though not entirely as much, fuchsia is quite strong. Therefore, handle with care; thoughtfully plan where and how much you want to apply it. Try to keep it limited in areas where you don’t spend a lot of time. Let it make sense – use it for emphasis and repeat in clever ways.






Lavender Pink

Lavender pink is soft and soothing, fresh and young but adults can certainly enjoy this pink. The ideal colour for a bedroom either in a residential house, hotel or guest house in various design styles like contemporary, traditional, vintage, shabby chic and rustic. It is very feminine but in small amounts and with tints, tones and shades thereof applied in the right places, a macho man will easily accept it.


Mauve Pink

Mauve is a stylish, current and mature pink with endless possibilities. Consider using in bedrooms, bathrooms, living rooms even kitchens, restaurants, hotels and guest cottages. This colour is soothing and easy to live with, but, as always, the whole scheme and application should be considered carefully.

You can make an impressive impact when using stronger versions of mauve to emphasize features or shapes etc.; same with more subtle tints, tones and shades used as a backdrop. Don’t be afraid to try combinations with other colours such as navy blue, teal blue, mint green or even mustard yellow if you’re brave.

Whichever pink is your preferred choice, there will be ways to incorporate it into your interior space(s). When done in a clever way, you may even let someone else fall in love with that same pink.




From the options at the top, which pink is your favourite (which are your favourites if you like more than one)? And, if you want, share how you would like to decorate, or have decorated before, with your favourite pink.

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From the options at the top, which pink is your favourite (which are your favourites if you like more than one)? Also, if you want, share how you would like to decorate, or have decorated before, with your favourite pink.

Leave a comment below!


  1. I like most of them 🙂 especially Fuchsia, Salmon, Peach, Thulian, Mauve, Lavender and Rose Gold! Thanks for the inspiring post. It awakens my senses 😊.

  2. I like fuchsia pink!

    • Thanks Carli! That’s a vibrant choice.


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