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Eclectic Mood Board - Living Room Inspiration

What is Eclectic Interior Design Style?

This does not mean merely tossing together anything. The style depends on design in terms of colour, pattern, texture, form, arrangement, rhythm, etc. This is necessary to make a space look and feel like an integrated whole. A typical characteristic of Eclectic style is the assembly of fabrics. One can combine solids, patterned, textured or all of them, but it has to make sense.

This style holds together odds and ends and derives from numerous other design styles. It demands imagination, unexpected contrasts and surprise elements. The following are also eclectic styles: Art Deco, Post Modernism and Contemporary. Like most earlier styles and movements, Contemporary interior design is mainly influenced by current technology. Technological revolutions like the information age and digital age have all had a deep impact on design.

Trends can be quickly introduced and altered worldwide with the support of the information age. There has been a rise in do-it-yourself design and decorating. The inexpensive production of furnishings and furniture are more common, also, television home makeover shows are popular. A new eclecticism is stoked up by these aspects. Everything from any notable style is accessible to nearly everyone. We can mix and match and create as we please. 🙂

Eclectic Meaning

The Inspiration Board at the top is to provide ideas and suggestions for a living room with spunk. Some may call it Contemporary and others Eclectic. Well it is current and it is a combination of styles, therefore it can be both. The most important consideration is that this room will be inviting. It will make visitors feel at ease. It will provoke a feeling that all are invited, welcome and accepted.

The variation in colour and pattern will be grounded by wood and metal furniture (also repeated). The addition of a clear acrylic stool adds contrasting interest. Different textures will also help to make it interesting. The colour scheme is mainly triadic with violet, green and orange. The colour repetition helps to hold together several different floral patterns and different furniture styles. I think a colour scheme is necessary for an eclectic style because it helps to pull together the whole thing.

To get this type of look, more décor can be added. But not too much. The size of the room will be a good indicator. Alternatives can also be used, as long as it is within bounds and relate to the surroundings.

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I’ve used different rugs as well which I think can also work. Please have a look on the bottom of the page. Which one do you prefer?


Eclectic Mood Board - Living Room Inspiration
Ivory Berry rug (Zehla Collection) from Loloi
Eclectic Mood Board - Living Room Inspiration
Coral Multi rug (Cielo collection) from Loloi

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