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Healthy. Happy. Greenery.


As human beings, we are put together to appreciate natural beauty. The inherent yearnings deep inside of us will incite a sense of calm when natural elements are included in interior spaces. These don’t have to be large or expensive but can be something as little as a small plant.

Plants can stimulate our visual senses when well-kempt and grouped or decorated in appealing ways.

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Fresh air is an obvious consideration for being healthy (duh), but it’s important to know that indoor air can be polluted much more than outdoor air. It is wise to open the windows every day and/or use an air purifier, but plants are natural air purifiers which absorb toxins or off-gasses from products and re-oxygenate the air.

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According to current research, indoor plants are good for people and buildings. Plants aid in personal wellbeing by reducing stress. We might not consciously realise it all the time but being around greenery makes most of us feel calmer and more comfortable in our surroundings. Buildings with plants are quieter, more tranquil and motivating.

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Offices with plants and beautiful interior landscaping can influence people, enabling them to be happier, more productive, more accurate and healthier. Healthcare facilities with greenery can provide great benefits to patients, and evidence suggests that students perform better in proper learning environments.

Other benefits of indoor plants include increasing humidity, reducing the levels of carbon dioxide, reducing pollutant levels, reducing airborne dust, keeping the temperature down (may help reducing energy consumption) and helping with sound absorption and therefore noise reduction.

If you don’t have indoor greenery, it is a good idea to get some pretty plants. But if you do, take a few deep breaths of that purified air right now, and have yourself a happy, healthy and productive rest of the day!

Beautiful indoor plant options!

I especially love this one!
“A Mediterranean plant that is best known for being an indoor plant and makes for quite a low maintenance house plant, but can also be easily replanted and used effectively as an alternative to grass and as ground cover in a garden.”

Cute plants as gifts!

Lovely pots/planters for indoor planting.  Love it!

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