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Industrial Interior

What is Industrial Interior Design Style?

Every so often you will notice this style in lofts or other reclaimed industrial spaces. Think high, bare ceilings, floor-to-ceiling windows, open spaces, exposed building materials like structural beam, brick, metal air ducts, and concrete or weathered wood floors. Since these spaces characteristically have plentiful texture in the building elements, a neutral colour palette is normally used.

Achieve this Interior style with ease in your living spaces

If you don’t have the architectural features, and constructional changes will be too major for you, and you love this style, it can be mimicked to a certain point.

Living room with industrial inspiration


Unpacking the Inspiration Board above:

A room like this will help you achieve a contemporary and masculine touch, with mainly an industrial feel. Contrast gives a sense of drama, sophistication and weightiness, while having warmth and authenticity. See how matt black metal contrasts with gleaming warm gold, smooth leather opposes softer textures, and warm tan complements cool grey and teal-grey-blue. Therefore, keep this in mind: rough opposing smooth, plain versus patterned, warm against cool, matt versus shiny. These factors ensure an interesting contrast leaving nothing boring here. Consequently, it is not confusing though, because the contrast and repetition of colours and lines create rhythm. You usually need to keep decorating items to a minimum and make sure it make sense.

In my opinion, we can always look for inspiration, but we need to keep true to ourselves. Everyone is unique, and so are our needs, desires and consequently our style.

I truly hope this inspires you!




industrial interior

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