Frequently Asked Questions

Why would I use an online interior design consulting service?

Because I want beautifully designed spaces at an affordable price.

I need help in putting all my ideas together into practical application.

Because I need help getting ideas from a professional.

I don’t have time to design it myself, plus it’s not my specialty.

Because I don’t mind applying a design proposal myself – I like to be involved with a transformation process.

Why would I choose to work with Ombre Design Studio?

I can break down the design process into parts when I don’t need advice or help with everything.

I do have the option to get design help with more than one part.

It is an online accessible service provided to anyone in the world having access to home ware (and similar) stores. 

I can trust that ODS will customise the offering to my unique needs.

I’ve got nothing to lose, only lots to gain.

How long will it take to receive my design proposal(s)?

Depending on how many Bunches and for how many spaces I have placed an order, it can take 4 – 21 days.

Quicker than world peace will prevail.

What do I need to do before I receive my design proposal(s)?

Reply to the email and questionnaire from ODS (after my payment went through) a.s.a.p. with answers and details (incl. a few photos) ODS needs to provide me with the best solutions.

I need to have fun with it and enjoy the process!

But I feel embarrassed of how my home / office looks at this stage, and don’t want to share photos with a stranger?

I do not need to worry!

We won’t be strangers for long!

My photos or proposals won’t be used for marketing purposes without my consent. 

ODS won’t judge and will only help me create or transform spaces for my own benefit!

Can I upgrade a Smallish Favour Bunch to a Bigger Favour Bunch?

Yes! If I need more help transforming a space, I will be debited for my Smallish Bunch provided that it was purchased within three months prior to my upgrade. But I need to CONTACT ODS first to get my coupon code before making my next purchase.

What if I want to design more than one room? Will ODS put together a package for me or help me with my purchase?

Yes! If I need consulting for more than one room, or don’t know which Bunches are best for me, I can CONTACT ODS to guide me into which Bunches to purchase or to put together a package deal especially for me!

Can I buy Bunches for someone else?

Yes! It is a great gift for newlyweds, and a lovely house warming gift!

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