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Mirror Makeover

White Wash Rose Gold / Copper Mirror Frame

Painting Demonstration in 6 Easy Steps!

From Rusty Rustic

to Shabby Chic Glam

What you need:

Water-based crafters metallic paint in Autumn or a similar colour

A space to get messy
Good company
Gilded flakes/foil flakes/copper leaf


Paint a coat of metallic paint and let it dry

(depending on the condition of the surface, you might be able to paint directly without any preparation like sanding).

If you like, you can even give it another coat at this stage.


Paste or rub in the flakes/copper leaf – use a little paint as glue.

I’ve found that it works best to apply only a thin layer of paint and paste a flat piece of copper leaf.

Let it dry.


Rub and/or scratch off the excess copper leaf with your fingers/nails or a dry brush and even try sanding it with fine sandpaper.


You might need to layer depending on the effect you want to achieve – paint a thin layer again and repeat steps 2 and 3.

Don’t let the dog eat the copper leaf – he’ll present you with a recycled version of it later, 🙂 eek!

If you want a gleaming, gilded rose copper effect you can stop here.


Go over again lightly with the metallic paint (the copper leaf will still shine through a bit) [and stop here if this is the look you prefer].


Give it a whitewash tickle – I used diluted white chalk paint and a very wet scatter brush.

And you can go over again with water only.

You can even repeat steps 2 and 3 again if you prefer more shimmer and shine.

And there you have it!

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