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What is Scandinavian Style Interior Design?

Scandinavian Country style was initiated in the 17th century. The look is that of a farmhouse and the main material used is light coloured wood. Scandinavian Modern began in the 1930s. This movement flourished in the mid 20th Century, in the Nordic countries of Sweden, Norway, Iceland, Finland and Denmark.  The basic principles of modernism are fused with traditional materials, and it can also have the look of a contemporary interior design.  One can see the origin of modern Scandinavian sideboards in antique Chinese credenzas.

Scandinavian interior design style can be identified by certain aspects. Toned ivory, taupe, sage, cool grey or blue and (preferably pale) wood are often incorporated with white walls. This is complemented by rich textures and natural finishes to add depth and definition. Window treatments are usually limited, and abundant natural light is invited.  Minimalism has continued into the 21st century. It is seen in Scandinavian design where lines are clean and simple. Quality materials and workmanship speak for themselves.

The minimalism of Scandinavian textile and furniture design continues to tell stories in interiors globally. The Scandinavian design style is characterized by minimalism, simplicity, and functionality. The word “Hygge” has a good definition of what one can achieve with this style. It is a Danish or Norwegian word for describing a mood of comfortable warmth, with feelings of wellness and contentment.

Nowadays styles are most certainly influenced by what we have seen before. It is then altered by current trends, designs and also our own style. We can use this to inspire us, but we have to stay true to ourselves.

Hygge definition

The inspiration board at the top is to provide ideas and suggestions for a Scandinavian look.

A soft stone-grey white wall is a crisp and clean backdrop for neutral, muted tones and uncomplicated furniture & other décor. Rough and soft and smooth textures contrast each other in an otherwise low contrast colour palette. This room will be light, fresh and pure, yet cosy and serene.

It can be warmed up in winter with comfy soft throws and warm white light at night. In summer it will have a cool and calm atmosphere.

How can I apply a Scandinavian style in my home?

Decide on a budget and time frame. Start with what you have. Gradually eliminate old and useless items or those you can’t improve in some way. Switch around small furniture or décor between rooms if you are tired of the same old things.

Is it necessary to change the flooring? This can be major and have a big impact on your wallet. There are alternatives to real wooden flooring. You can consider wood-look laminates, vinyl or tiles. Or a few rugs can slightly cover up a floor, perhaps only as a temporary or less expensive solution. Also, the floor doesn’t have to be wood or wood-look to get the right atmosphere. Light coloured is preferable. Play around with rugs, paint and soft furnishings, even if you have a darker floor.

Fixed lighting is also more expensive and major to change. See if you can use your current lights or make this a medium-term goal.

Try to purchase the necessary larger furniture items before moving over to smaller furniture, soft furnishings and decorative items. In the meantime browse around for inspiration. All the furniture doesn’t have to be wood. You can add furniture made from metal and other materials as well.  Natural looking, textured décor is perfect. Plants are wonderful for an interior and there are lots of indoor plants and planters available nowadays.

This style is so hot right now, but don’t worry about constantly changing your home to stick with the trends. This look is modern but also has a classic authenticity. Choose items you know will last and stay pretty, exciting and useful for the next few years.

If you plan properly, you can make wiser decisions and perhaps save yourself a few bucks.

I truly hope this inspired you

Lovely items that work well to get this look

Zigzag Basket
Basket for blankets or plants
Wood and White Table Lamp
White Fluffy Recycled Rug
White Textured Rug
Cosy Blanket
Wood & Grey Fabric Sofa
Wood & Grey Fabric Arm Chair

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