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‘A place for everything and everything in its place’. This saying is worth remembering when planning an interior. Also, it is rather useful for an interior with limited space. Read on to wrap your mind around sufficient storage in your interior.


Creating Optimal Storage Space for a Smart Interior

A lovely decor without proper storage solutions will not work in the long run. If there isn’t sufficient storage space, the beauty of the room will be spoiled. The culprits will be all sorts of items not having their own hiding place.



Tidy, cosy, beautiful bedroom thanks to sufficient storage


Making Savvy Storage Plans for your Interior


Firstly, when approaching the question of storage, analyse existing storage space to determine how you can make it more efficient. Most times the case may be that you have a limited budget and little space. Purchasing costly storage units is not necessarily your answer. To clarify, perhaps your storage needs can be met and accommodated with your existing furniture. Your first step should be a thorough inspection of your cupboards and any existing storage pieces.


Tidy spacious closet

Tidy spacious closet


Keep the following points in mind when planning and analysing for storage:

  • Where to put it? The nearest possible place to where you will use the stored items. That’s where the storage unit should be. Visualise how you move about and decide where’s the best, most accessible spot for items.
  • How to arrange it? Arrange the interior space of each storage unit for optimum efficiency. Remember these three things: where will it look good, be useful and easy to move around.
  • What to use? There are several solutions available. For instance, consider using containers, versatile shelving and special fittings. You can tailor these or any storage solution to your individual requirements.
  • Bear in mind that you also have vertical space available!



Apartment with sufficient storage



Clothing folded for vertical storage in the linen drawer


Clever Interior Storage Space – Wardrobes


The aim is to have bedroom wardrobes that can effectively hold as much as possible. Consequently, less of your clothing and related items will spill over into other cupboards. This will result in freeing up those cupboards to neatly organise and store other items.



Clever contemporary closet with space for different items


Many clothes hang high or less than half the distance from the floor. For instance, think about shirts, blouses, short jackets and pants folded in half over a hanger. It makes sense to make use of that space beneath “short” clothes. If there isn’t one already, a pole can be installed beneath the top row. Then, this can hold another row of short hanging clothing. You can segment and fit the entire wardrobe according to your needs. Also, consider another set of drawers beneath short-hanging clothes.

A bedroom wardrobe should have sufficient storage areas and fittings for all items normally stored there. To free up space in a small flat, it is helpful to also keep other items in the wardrobe. To clarify, you can save both space and money instead of investing in an extra piece of furniture. An affordable system of drawers or trays in the wardrobe will work just as well.


Tidy woman's wardrobe with levels and storage space for different items

Tidy woman’s wardrobe with levels


Storage Solutions for Sparse Space


When limited space is available, a cupboard can be fitted with compartments for your possessions. Don’t reserve cupboards or closets such as those used in hallways and entrance halls, only for visitor’s coats. Efficiently use what you have available. Perhaps you have no storage space in the garage or utility room. You can utilize the hall cupboard by fitting it for general household tools and supplies. Also, you can store mops, brooms and the vacuum cleaner there.



Cleaning supplies and tools arranged on shelves in a storage place


Fitting a wardrobe for maximum efficiency is not only for the low-budget decorating project. The materials being used are key.



Open, spacious, tidy wardrobe with efficient use of storage space


Have you read this post about Space Savvy Small Spaces? If not, why not?  😉 Check it out for tips on smartly utilising a small space! And, while you’re at it, get some tips for Decorating on a Budget too!

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Home office with the original desk made from chipboard and wood boxes


Types of Interior Storage units


When optimizing and/or redesigning each cupboard for maximum efficiency, inspect existing storage units and potential storage units. Consider how they can be more efficient. An existing storage unit is perhaps not well-planned and you cannot easily convert it to meet your needs. In this case, it is better to replace it than to allow it to take up space inefficiently.


Built-in storage

One can make the most of storage space with built-in units being permanently attached to the walls, floors or ceiling. They take up less floor space and usually less wall space than free-standing units. The drawback of built-in storage units is that one cannot remove it when the occupants move. Also, they will limit potential furniture arrangements.

However, on the plus side, you don’t have to buy storage units. Built-in storage can change the apparent size and shape, and the appearance of a room. Therefore, depending on the style, it can be visually interesting and aesthetically pleasing. They can be enclosed and have smooth, clean lines. Or, they can add dimensional delight to an otherwise dull, box-like room.



Wardrobe with space and shelves in the middle between the two built-in closets


Which Interior Storage Solution to choose


Built-in units may include shelves, racks, cupboards and drawers. One can use shelves and wall units to hold a multitude of articles. These can range from books to plants to paperweight collections and travel souvenirs. Consider the size and weight of the objects you want to put on it when planning for shelves and wall units.

The shelves should be able to easily hold the weight of the objects as well as being in scale with the items. One can place shelves on walls, around or under windows or from the ceiling. If a room has an exposed beam ceiling, one can attach wood or metal supports to the beams and shelves hung from them.


Home office working space with wooden bookshelves

Home office working space with wooden bookshelves


There are many types of ready-made racks available. These are usually made of wood or metal. Consider attaching them to the backs of doors or walls to hold items like scarves, belts and ties. When attaching it to a door, ensure that there is enough room for the depth of the rack when the door is closed.



Optimal workspace storage with organised labelled items


Before deciding what to do, carefully consider the cost as well as the pros and cons of each kind of storage type.

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