What’s this place about?

Interior design and decorating inspiration, ideas and suggestions. It is important for me that you are happy in your interior environment(s), and I like doing people favours if it adds to their wellbeing. It also makes me happy when I know I make a positive difference.

I will feel honoured if you let me be a part of your life and allow me to help you make positive changes while working with you on a beautiful project, or two, or seven. 😉

Let ODS always be in your favour. Check out my INSPO BLOG posts for Inspiration and Information.

I hope to inspire you on a deeper level than just aesthetics.

Is it for you? Why need this?

Whoever you are, whether it be a housewife or househusband, a bachelor or bachelorette, single parent, whether you have a big or small family, have a home office or small office in another building, live alone, live with friends or other family, have a not-so-big budget or have a larger budget, this might just be where you needed to end up.

Perhaps you are agitated and don’t even know why. Or, you might not have the time to search for ideas / products / solutions yourself, and don’t want to use the services of a local designer. Or, you are frustrated in your interior environment(s) and don’t know how to fix it.

Sometimes one can’t even pinpoint the problem. Perhaps you don’t have a frustration, you would just like a fresh change. Or maybe you moved or are going to move. Maybe you just don’t want to feel alone during the process.

It doesn’t even have to be a lot of changes you want to make, or there are only some aspects you need help with, and/or you do not want to do everything at once.

Or perhaps you’d like a total makeover. I can help you get started, and I can help you with practical solutions which you can apply yourself. You will be involved a lot in the process, without spending too much or wasting resources.

Whichever your situation or frustration (interior-wise), I am here to assist you and more importantly, let’s figure it out together.

How does it work?
I must say this. I am human, yes, so I’m sure you’ll understand. 😉 I don’t have magical formulas or superpowers. I can’t wave around a wand and tada! there’s you fairy-tale “After” result.

These things take time, it involves hard work, and I need your help, please. The more information I get from you regarding the space(s), the better I can help you.

Along with the questionnaire you will complete, a photo or two will help – I won’t judge your current space or situation. Mine aren’t perfect either, but we can strive toward making it better and more live-able. Also, I don’t believe there are only one solution to a problem, but I will provide you with the best I can, given the situation, available information, and time of delivery of the proposal at hand.

Another point is budget. Again, no wand here.  Most of the time new stuff are just better, don’t you think? I will try my best to incorporate your existing items if I know what they are, their size and how they look. And I will also try to find items within your budget if you provide me with one. A very important factor to keep in mind, if you have someone helping you make wiser decisions, don’t you think you can save money? And, for that matter, also save time!

You may live anywhere in the world, and I can give you purchasing suggestions from retailers in your area, only according to what I see on their websites. If I don’t find something in your vicinity, I will provide you with the closest, most accessible solution possible. Plus, it will help me, and you, if you can give names of suppliers you don’t mind buying from.

What I deliver can also be purely inspirational for you and be used as ideas for finding alternative products. You can make this your own, and we can craft the solution to your needs.

Remember, let’s figure it out together.

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What’s in a name?

Ombre:  the gradual coming together of one colour hue to another, usually moving tints and shades from light to dark; colour flow, variation, movement, lighter and darker, softer and bolder, smooth flow, inviting, all is accepted.

Design: plan, proposal, sketch, scheme, artist’s impression, outline, draft; it is open to various kinds of design for now, and forthcoming i.e. full-on interior, furniture, décor accessories, graphic, stationery, or whichever future design endeavours the brand may entail.

Studio: workshop, workroom, atelier, a place for creations.

The acronym ODS are shorter, more fun and easier to pronounce and remember.

Let “odds” always be in your favour.

What’s that thingy?

The mascot = the fascinating heptagon shape, a seven-sided polygon.

The seven sides / angles represents the seven elements of design (space, line, shape, colour, light, pattern and texture) and 7 just happens to be one of my lucky numbers.

Who’s behind this?

Someone who likes the unconventional way of doing things. Someone with ideas and an itch to change and improve stuff! Someone who likes to inspire people on a deeper level. A human being with struggles, concerns, an appetite, a need for sleep, emotions…  A sister. A daughter. A cousin. An aunt. A niece. A friend – hopefully becoming yours too. That’s me in a wrap.


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