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Rustic modern country look - Ombre Design Studio

This design style can be referred to as Modern Country / Farmhouse / Rustic. In this case modern is meant to implicate current, contemporary, recent or up-to-date.


A rustic, countryside sophistication is typical of this look. Some furnishings are bought at flea markets and antique shops because of the primitive historical connection.

Elements have a rural, handmade quality. Just think handmade pottery, baskets, hand-forged metal and woodwork. Checked, striped, floral, and sometimes vintage patterns in a fabric are characteristic. The widespread use of white wood cladding is occasionally noticeable in a country look. This is usually complemented by soft floral patterns, subdued hues and popping accents in black, red or fresh white.



This look has a casual stylishness. It is comfy and modern living at its finest!

This style is much like Country. A rustic design has an emphasis on nature-inspired textures. It hugs neutral and earthy colours and a modest warmth. It embraces unrefined, rugged, natural items and elements. Natural beauty is key. Usually, the colour scheme is rather simple with large windows permitting plentiful natural light and outdoor views.

To attain an up-to-date, rustic interior you can blend elements of Contemporary design with Rustic design to sidestep a log cabin looking home. This combination can be exciting and striking. An open floor plan, well-maintained bare architectural elements and modern furniture are important to form a modern rustic space.

Definition according to collinsdictionary.com:


> You can use rustic to describe things or people that you approve of because they are simple or unsophisticated in a way that is typical of the countryside.

> You can refer to someone who comes from the countryside as a rustic if you find their behaviour amusing or very different from that of people who live in towns and cities.

Rustic or Rustical in British

> of, characteristic of, or living in the country; rural

> having qualities ascribed to country life or people; simple; unsophisticated

> made of untrimmed branches

> denoting or characteristic of a style of furniture popular in England in the 18th and 19th centuries, in which the legs and feet      of chairs, tables, etc, were made to resemble roots, trunks, and branches of trees

> (of masonry) having a rusticated finish

> a person who comes from or lives in the country

> an unsophisticated, simple, or clownish person from the country (Uhhhmmm  🙂 I don’t view people from the countryside as clownish)

> brick or stone having a rough finish

The room board at the top is an inspiration for a restful rustic room. Soft grey is a good, modern backdrop for warm tan hues, blues and crisp white accents. Warm wood & metal and rattan furniture are combined with cool blue and white tones. The painted coffee table and sideboard break the intense warm tan.

Painted wall versus checked wallpaper, rough exposed textures versus painted wood, cool blue versus warm tan, natural textures and living plants versus metal, plain versus patterned. All of these aspects help eliminate the possibility of being boring and monotonous.

Overall this will be a comfy, cosy and homey space with a relaxed atmosphere.

Remember, a rustic style is cosy with casual elegance and is comfy and modern living at its best.

I truly hope this inspired you!


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Check out which items

were used

+ alternatives

Check Wallpaper Grey / Gray
Loose Cover Modern SofaSofa

Rattan Armchair


Rattan Footstool


Country Classic Blue Sideboard


White Country Coffee Table

Coffee Table
White Grey Country TV Unit
TV Unit

Storage Unit Wood

Storage Unit

Rustic Wood Side Table

Side Table
Metal Wood Rustic Wall ShelfShelf
Bird Wire Metal Wall Art
Metal Wall Art
White Table Lamp
Table Lamp
Whitewashed Rattan PlanterRattan Planter

Porcelain Vases

Porcelain Vases
The Loft Battery Candle
Battery Candle

kentia and ivy bowl

Kentia & Ivy Bowl
Square Coasters in AcaciaCoastersSquare Coasters in Hevea Wood
Bee Motif CushionScatter Cushion

Grey Pop-Pom cushion, throw pillow

Scatter Cushion
Antique Lace Scatter Cushion, Throw PillowScatter Cushion
Blue Grey Wool Throw
Wool Throw

Blue Grey Wool Cushion, Throw Pillow

Scatter Cushion


Seagrass Basket
Printed Floral Wall ArtWall Art
Table LampTable Lamp
Natural Jute Circle RugWoven Rug
Door Handle
Weathered RugArea Rug
Vintage Grey RugArea Rug




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